Saturday, March 22, 2008

03.21.08: Songbirds, Bill Murray, and Bluetooth.

Oh hai! I have a blog. Oops. Well ...

So Mozilla's new iTunes alternative (read iTunes killer) Songbird is still only in beta, but despite a few small bugs in functionality, it's just phenomenal. It's a media player combined with a music search engine, and the interface is much more friendly than iTunes (e.g. updating ID3 info is as easy as clicking on the field you want to change). Also, since it's open source and built on the Mozilla platform, it will surely feature a wide variety of add-ons and mash-ups once it's generally released.

Other things I like:

Look, I am sorry, but you are clearly not Bill Murray

I want this chair so bad!

Security. It's a pun! Get it?

Excited @ Watchmen movie

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Did I mention I'm a fan of Bluetooth?